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Retail Property


In a successful retail business the goodwill is the asset. Stock and fittings depreciate, but goodwill appreciates. The goodwill is the location and the location is secured by your retail lease. Without a secure lease your goodwill, your asset, is worthless.

That is why after staff costs Rent is usually your major operating cost. It is also the least flexible. So the negotiation and maintenance of the lease is the most important single business transaction you will undertake.

The shopping centre experts at BDA Property Services have represented hundreds of independent and national brand retailers in their dealings with Landlords, from the corner store to major regional shopping centres.

It is our business to understand your business.


What can BDA Property Services do for you?

     Save you a lot of money, time and stress. We will plan and prepare recommendations for you on appropriate terms for any transaction or dealings you may have with your Landlord, represent you in negotiations with the Landlord and clearly explain and vet the documentation from an experienced commercial point of view.


Why will it save you time and money?

     Because the skills you need to run a successful retail business are not the skills you need to successfully negotiate your shop lease. Negotiating shop leases is all BDA Property Services do, all day, every day.  It is not surprising our clients achieve much better results when renewing their lease than a BDA Property Services trying it alone.

We are not real estate agents, and act exclusively for tenants. We never take fees from property owners because we work for you, the tenant, to get the best result for your business.