Business Systemisation

Many entrepreneurs fail to create an organization that has real value beyond their individual participation. Have you created a business that works without you or have you simply created a job?

One way to answer this is to consider what would happen to your business tomorrow if you had been diagnosed with a serious illness yesterday? Would you have an experienced, qualified management team who could take over while you concentrated on getting well again, or would the business crumble and fail in your absence?

By working with us to develop fully integrated business systems, we’ll help you set up your business so that you can sell it whenever you want to (or have to).

We’ll help you work ON your business, not IN it. Build your business so it can run without you on a day-to-day basis. Break your responsibilities into different functions that other people could perform. Don’t be the only one who can handle certain tasks. Cross-train your employees so that each can handle several different duties when necessary. Hire people with management potential. Then develop them.

We’ll work with you to make sure your business looks good. A clean, well-maintained, attractive company is much easier to sell, and commands a higher price than a tired, dirty, run down operation. We’ll also help you get an objective, outside opinion on your company’s value on a regular basis.

Importantly, we’ll help you build a profitable company. This point may seem obvious, but many entrepreneurs believe that simple longevity or sales volume is what drives business value, when plain old profitability is the thing that matters most.

We’ll help you to set financial goals and meet them. If your business isn’t making significant amounts of money right now, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to walk away with anything to show for your hard work.

Finally, we’ll help you develop an exit strategy for how you plan to leave your business. You can’t afford to leave anything to chance where the future of your business is concerned and we’ll help you develop a viable plan with contingencies.

Everyone leaves his or her business sometime, but the thing we can’t predict is when that will be. Contact us to learn how we can help you be prepared for anything life throws your way.


What our clients say about us.

  • "A quick one to say thanks for Tuesday night. I thought it was a great venue, great atmosphere and a bunch of knowledgeable and colourful business people. Hats off mate!" 

    Chris WalkerWriter & Editor, Wordfox
  • "Mark has extensive franchising and business experience and combines this knowledge with great enthusiasm and drive. He is a brilliant person for bouncing ideas around and always brings creativity and a fresh perspective to the table. Would recommend Mark for his wide ranging abilities in policy, strategy, industry knowledge and innovative thinking."

    Jackie DihmOwner, FitChips
  • "Mark and I always seem to catch up at just about franchising event around the country. He is deeply immersed in the business community and is a great source of help and advice when required. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and a really nice guy who is always a pleasure to catch up with."

    James ScurrManaging Director, Cashflow It
  • "Mark brings a sense of energy and positivity to everyone he meets. I have total trust in him as a fellow consultant, and together we are able to get great outcomes for a client we jointly work with. He has an instinctive understanding of how businesses work, and is able to bring structure and systems which enable businesses to replicate and grow. He is comfortable working with financials, whilst his greatest strength is probably his insight into people. Mark is supportive and encouraging, yet not afraid to be honest and forthright when required. I look forward to working with Mark on future projects."

    Jayne GriffithsHR Director, My Hr Adviser
  • " I must say you put things in a way that made me understand things and I really got lots from our session and plan to be making changes in the future. I look forward to the next steps in our meetings." 

    Sandy AndersonManaging Director, Spruce Ups
  • " On behalf of Legalwise Seminars, we wanted to thank you for chairing our Franchise Law seminar. We are extremely appreciative of your significant contribution. Overall, the feedback received from the seminar has been excellent and we are delighted with the outcome." 

    Sintija DobrotinsekProgram Manager, Legalwise
  • " Mark has an extensive franchise consulting and business development practise in WA and beyond, and is an active contributor to the franchising industry through his membership of the Franchise Council of Australia WA Chapter Committee. Mark is a diligent and hard working adviser and he generously shares the benefits of his knowledge and experience with others for the betterment of franchising as a whole. Amongst Mark's outstanding qualities as an adviser are his willingness to rigorously pursue improvement and challenge the status quo, and to be honest and direct in his advice."

    Veronica JumeauxPartner, HWL Ebsworth
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