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DISC ADVANCED® is the Australian home of the most advanced and widely used behavioural assessment model in the world, the famous DISC profile. At BDA we recommend the use of DISC ADVANCED® profiling as a complete system for the recruitment and development of individuals, teams and organisations.

Leading Australian businesses, all levels of Government, and franchise networks across the world, choose DISC ADVANCED® because they want the latest and most advanced behavioural assessment model available. The DISC model identifies all behavioural styles, making possible positive team interaction and effective communication management.

Below is a representation of the DISC model. You can see that DISC gets its name from the four main behavioural styles of Dominance/Driver, Influence/Inspiring, Steadiness/Stable and Compliance/Correct.

Contact us to find out about DISC ADVANCED® and how it can help you.

DISC Diagram