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Business Systems and Exit Strategy Development

Have you created a business that works without you or have you simply created a job?

Many entrepreneurs fail to create an organisation that has real value beyond their individual participation. One way to answer this is to consider what would happen to your business tomorrow if you were diagnosed with a serious illness today? Would you have an experienced, qualified management team who could take over while you concentrate on getting well again, or would the business crumble and fall in your absence?

We’ll help you work ON your business, not IN it. Build your business so it can run without you on a day-to-day basis. Break your responsibilities into different functions that other people can perform. Don’t be the only one who can handle certain tasks - cross-train your employees so that each member of staff can handle several different duties when necessary. Hire people with management potential, then develop them.

By working with us to develop fully integrated business systems - we’ll help you set up your business so that you can sell it whenever you want to (or have to).

We’ll work with you to make sure your business looks good. A clean, well-maintained, attractive company is much easier to sell, and commands a higher price, than a tired, dirty and run down operation. We’ll also help you get an objective, outside opinion on your company’s value on a regular basis.

Importantly, we’ll help you build a profitable company. This point may seem obvious, but many entrepreneurs believe that simple longevity or sales volume is what drives business value, when plain old profitability is the thing that matters most.

We’ll help you to set financial goals and meet them. If your business isn’t making significant amounts of money right now, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to walk away with anything to show for your hard work should you need to sell.

Finally, we’ll help you develop an exit strategy for how you plan to leave your business. You can’t afford to leave anything to chance where the future of your business is concerned, and we’ll help you develop a viable plan with contingencies.

Everyone leaves his or her business at some point, but the thing we can’t predict is when that will be. Strategise. Systemise. Commercialise. This is our motto and it's what we do best - if you are sick of working IN your business instead of ON your business, and looking to create a profitable organisation with real value and real integrated business systems, then do not hesitate to contact us. That we can help you get results sooner rather than later.